A Christmas thank you letter


Happy New Year!

We wanted to say a big thank you to everyone who sent a special Chasing Zero Christmas present. Thanks to you, we have raised enough to support hundreds of mums and babies in Malawi through a safe delivery at their local clinic or hospital – and hopefully your friends and family members liked their presents too!

We were especially touched that over a third of you opted to twin a pregnancy as a Christmas gift. Every twinned pregnancy provides the funds for a Mother Buddy to support a woman in Malawi through her entire pregnancy, delivery, and the first six months of her new baby’s life.

The advice, practical help and friendship that mums in isolated communities receive from their Mother Buddies really is life-changing, and often life-saving, especially for women living with HIV. One woman recently told us:

“I am HIV positive and I have a baby who tested HIV negative. My Mother Buddy visited [while] I was pregnant and through delivery. She taught me about exclusive breastfeeding and how to prepare for delivery. She also taught about positive living, especially on how to deal with worries that I am HIV positive. My worries are now gone and I am now healthy and my children have benefited due to my strong health.”

Thank you again on their behalf!

Our new animation explains a little bit more about Pregnancy Twinning – check it out below, and share if you like it.

>> Click here to twin a pregnancy or find out more.

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