About Us

We are Chasing Zero AIDS-related deaths worldwide. For the first time in history we have the opportunity to overcome AIDS, and Chasing Zero is playing a key part in the global effort to get there. We exist to enable individuals and communities across the world to thrive, as the effects of HIV are reversed.

What do we do?

We operate from our HQ in Berkshire, UK, and work with other charity partners and local people who are trained to make a difference in their own communities. Our aim is to improve access to life-saving HIV treatment and care – particularly in hard-to-reach communities in Saharan Africa.

HIV treatment has become so effective that we are now seeing children born HIV-free, whilst keeping parents alive and families together. However, there are currently around nine million people living with HIV who have limited or no access to treatment, the majority of whom live in rural sub-Saharan Africa. We are concentrating our efforts on this region, and on pregnant women living with HIV in particular, to help achieve an HIV-free generation.

We’re doing this to support UNAIDS and World Health Organization’s global goal of ‘Universal Access to HIV Treatment’ (otherwise known as antiretroviral therapy). That goal is considered to be a critical factor in helping to end AIDS for good.

Imagine a world where 17 million children were not left orphaned, where individuals, families and communities were able to thrive, free from HIV and AIDS – that is a world worth chasing.

Chasing Zero is a registered charity in England and Wales, number 1144344.