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We at Chasing Zero are extremely excited to announce a new fundraising programme.

We’re asking mothers-to-be in the UK to twin their pregnancies with women in Malawi who need more help in order to get through pregnancy safely – and give birth to a healthy baby.

Why? Because no-one understands how difficult pregnancy is better than a woman who is going through it right now.
And for women in Malawi, pregnancy is an incredibly dangerous time of their lives – especially if living with HIV.

So if you’re pregnant, or you know someone who is (a friend, a sister, a colleague) please consider inviting them to twin their pregnancy with a woman in Malawi for just £40.

You could even give a pregnancy twin as a gift. Just support this programme and we’ll send you a picture of your pregnancy twin which you can then pass on.

If you have any questions – just let us know

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Where do our inspirations lead us?

coffee art

Music? Coffee Art? An epic movie? All these can tap into something which we all crave, something powerful, something delicate – inspiration. OK, coffee art may not quite cut the mustard, but the fact is everyone of us is inspired by something or someone. Inspiration can swoop us into a world of unfathomable possibility, yet it can drag nations into brutal conflict. I guess the question is, where do our inspirations lead us?

There have been a handful of people who have really inspired me, and no doubt they all helped me to set up Chasing Zero in 2009,  but there was also a moment in 2011 that gripped me, and still impacts me to this day. It was 1st December 2011, World AIDS Day, and Barak Obama made the declaration that the beginning of the end of AIDS had arrived. End of AIDS? Really? Yes, really. That is not a ‘pie in the sky’ thought. It is possible, achievable, realistic…and could be attained within the next 15 years. That thought inspires me, not because it’s philanthropic, or even heroic. It inspires me because my mind is immediately taken to the families, the mum’s, dad’s, kids, that I’ve met around the world who I’ve seen suffer painfully because of AIDS. It leads my mind to dream of what life could be like for them if we actually did it. It leads me to a place where I want to stay, a place known as hope.

Written by Joel Wallington, CEO, Chasing Zero

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Chasing Zero hosts Ice Cream Party at MTV’s HQ. See how we got on…MTV_ice-cream-634x252









Summer is quickly coming to an end, so last week we used the last of the summer sun to eat lots of ice cream. But not just any ice cream.

We headed down to the MTV HQ in London to treat MTV staff with some of our delicious home-made ice cream and raise money to fight HIV.

The MTV Staying Alive Foundation has been supporting Chasing Zero since 2012. Being a youth-led HIV charity, we work together with students in Oxford and other universities in the UK to raise awareness about HIV prevention. Together with a team of dedicated Student Ambassadors we visit universities across the UK, give inspirational talks, and engage young people in conversations about safer sex and HIV prevention.

To add a little flavour to our work, we organise ice cream parties. The ice cream is provided by G&D’s from our home of Oxford, and 100% of the profits of ice cream sales go towards Chasing Zero.
Thanks to the ice-cream hungry staff at MTV UK, we were able to raise over £300!

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We are really excited to be working with MTV’s Staying Alive Foundation supporting local schools with informative and engaging educational workshops.

The workshops educate on HIV and AIDS, global citizenship and sexual health.

If you are interested in Chasing Zero visiting your school, contact us.


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