How you can help right now

We support a variety of different people and projects, but we like to give you the opportunity to support specific people who need help right now.

Here’s how you can make a difference today:

Help Diana get to hospital this week. She desperately needs support to get to her vital antenatal clinic appointment.

Results show that when mothers attend these clinincs, they are x% more likely to give birth to a healthy baby safely.

All she needs is £5 to do this.

We need your help with this one.

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Here’s another way you can give.

Example text sitting here to show you what it will look like.

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Our Mother Buddy, Emma has reported that one family is in desperate need of basic food for this month.

When someone is living with HIV and receiving antriretroviral treatment, it is essential a good diet is maintained. Without food, the medication is far less effective.

Give now and meet this direct need today. It will save lives.

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Jennifer needs a way for people to give to a specific need on the ground.

Supporters can see exactly what is needed, and give to solve that exact problem.

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