Father Buddies

Man to man support

We are helping dads in Malawi to keep their families safe by getting involved in pregnancy and birth. Whilst Mother Buddies support vulnerable pregnant women and their partners, sometimes changing the behaviour of the male partner is a challenge! Its so important because when men get involved, it opens the door for their partners to get advice, HIV treatment, antenatal care and give birth where there’s medical help. A dad’s involvement reduces the risk of his baby dying or contracting HIV by a huge 40%! Our Father Buddies in Malawi offer man-to-man support. They have found that dads are keen to learn from each other, and take great pride in being able to support their partner and keep their family safe once they know how. The result is more dads seeing their children born safe and healthy. Check out Daudi’s story below.

Daudi’s story

When Daudi’s wide was pregnant, he and his wife were visited by a Chasing Zero Mother Buddy. Daudi followed her advice on supporting his wife, but when they both tested HIV positive, he thought their dream of a healthy baby was shattered. Their Mother Buddy explained that the baby would be fine if they followed her advice about treatment, and their child was born HIV-free! Daudi was so overjoyed that he said he would pay back the Mother Buddy by spreading her messages. He wanted to become a Father Buddy! This inspirational dad has visited six other expectant couples in his area so far, approaching the men and explaining how they can help and support their wives through pregnancy and make sure their baby is born healthy. One of his clients, Mr Kainga, was not sure about going to the antenatal clinic. He thought it was a private place for women and he worried what other men would think of him. But Daudi encouraged him to go along with his wife. When he got there, Mr Kainga found himself welcomed by a cheerful midwife – and saw that the other women envied his wife for having such a supportive husband! After that experience, he was keen to keep following all of Daudi’s other advice to become a great dad. The couple now have a healthy baby girl. Daudi told us: “They are a very happy family now as Mr Kainga appreciates the challenges that his wife passed through while she was pregnant. This has built their love too.”

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