Mother’s Day with a Difference


I won’t be giving my mum a present this Mothers’ Day

It’s not because I’m heartless, or an ungrateful daughter. The thing is, my mum appreciates the sentiment, but she can take or leave a bunch of flowers or some heart-shaped lavender soap. This year I’ve found out about some other mums who might value my gift a lot more.

Being a mother is a lot more dangerous in some parts of the world. In Malawi, women are 60 times more likely to die during pregnancy or childbirth than a woman in the UK . This sounds like one of those sad and scary statistics that we can’t do anything about. But when I read the reasons for this situation it became obvious that there are simple, effective solutions.

For example, pregnant women in remote villages can’t afford to travel to a clinic, so most never get any medical check-ups. Solution? Provide the means for them to attend antenatal appointments to spot any potential complications.

Most women give birth at home, with just their family to help, which is when things can go wrong. Solution? Help them to give birth at a clinic – this hugely increases the chances of staying safe.

New and expectant mums in rural areas don’t have anybody to tell them how to keep themselves and their baby safe. Solution? Send a trained local mother to visit, advise and support them before and after the birth.

We can provide all of these solutions to an expectant mum in Malawi for just £40, or £1 per week of their pregnancy. For a few pounds, we can see babies born HIV-free, and mothers staying alive and healthy. Even a small donation makes a big difference.

So, I’m going to take the money I would have spent on a (probably pretty tacky) present for my mum, and spend it on a much better present for a mum in Malawi instead. I think my mother will be proud of me, and probably won’t miss the soap... How about you?

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Post by Mel Carlisle

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