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A big thank you to everybody who sent their mum a Chasing Zero Mother’s Day card this year!

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There’s no better time than Mother’s Day to support mums. We wanted to offer you the chance to say thank you to your mum, while helping another mum in her honour.

Each card sent contributed £12 to the Pregnancy Twinning programme. Why did we choose this figure? £12 is about the amount needed on the ground in Malawi to get a pregnant woman from a remote village to a hospital or clinic for antenatal checks and to give birth in a safe place. Usually, they’ll be taken there on a hardy motorbike-taxi.

Transport is such a simple thing. But the reality is that, without it, many women won’t be able to walk the long distance to a clinic while they’re in labour and this is one of the reasons that so many women give birth at home in basic conditions with no medical support. That, in turn, is one of the main causes of infant and maternal mortality.

One of the many important things picked up during antenatal care is whether mum is living with HIV. Many women have never been tested. But once a pregnant women gets the right ARV treatment, not only does she stay strong and healthy, but the chances of her passing HIV on to her baby plummets to below 1%.

So, a simple thing like a lift to the hospital can make an enormous difference. We’re thrilled that we raised just over £3,000 this Mother’s Day thanks to all the people who sent a special card. That will go a long way in Malawi, supporting and protecting mothers, babies and their families.

HIV freeProviding transport is just one aspect of Pregnancy Twinning – our maternal health programme that supports vulnerable mothers through pregnancy, birth and beyond. And it’s all about mums helping mums. Mums from the UK twinning their pregnancies provide the funds needed for a Mother Buddy in Malawi to look after an expectant mum. These Mother Buddies are also mums, trained up and drawing on their own life experiences of giving birth to children free from HIV in one of the most badly affected parts of the world.

It’s so exciting to see how a few simple steps and the power of mothers united is not only helping babies to be born safely, but is actually reversing the effects of HIV on families and communities, and seeing a whole new generation born free from HIV. Mums really are amazing.

We hope you and your mum had an excellent Mother’s Day.

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