Mothers Day Card 2016


Many women in rural Malawi don't receive adequate care during pregnancy and childbirth - they are 60 times more likely to die than an expectant mum in the UK!

Yet £15 will help to pay for transport for a mum from a remote community to a clinic or hospital – in time to give birth safely.

This year, donate £15 and we'll send your mum a PDF Mother's Day card with a personalised message from you, letting her know that you have supported mums in Malawi in her honour.

It’s a great, meaningful Mother's Day gift (Please note that the Mother's Day card off is now CLOSED - thank you for your support of our Pregnancy Twinning programme).


Our Friend of Pregnancy Twinning Marina Fogle explains:

“In England and Wales over 600,000 women give birth every year and they have access to first class health care throughout their pregnancies. In Malawi a similar number of women give birth each year but because healthcare, education and simple support is often not available, there is not always a happy ending. Through buying a Mother’s Day card with a difference that we can start to change that, and give thousands of mothers the best Mother’s Day gift they’ve ever had.”


Have you heard about Pregnancy Twinning?

For yourself, or on behalf of a friend or relative, you can twin a pregnancy with a mother in Malawi who faces incredible challenges and dangers in pregnancy well beyond those of UK mums.

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