New: Pregnancy Twinning Programme


We at Chasing Zero are extremely excited to announce a new fundraising programme.

We’re asking mothers-to-be in the UK to twin their pregnancies with women in Malawi who need more help in order to get through pregnancy safely – and give birth to a healthy baby.

Why? Because no-one understands how difficult pregnancy is better than a woman who is going through it right now.
And for women in Malawi, pregnancy is an incredibly dangerous time of their lives – especially if living with HIV.

So if you’re pregnant, or you know someone who is (a friend, a sister, a colleague) please consider inviting them to twin their pregnancy with a woman in Malawi for just £40.

You could even give a pregnancy twin as a gift. Just support this programme and we’ll send you a picture of your pregnancy twin which you can then pass on.

If you have any questions – just let us know

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