What inspires you?


Where do our inspirations lead us?

coffee art

Music? Coffee Art? An epic movie? All these can tap into something which we all crave, something powerful, something delicate – inspiration. OK, coffee art may not quite cut the mustard, but the fact is everyone of us is inspired by something or someone. Inspiration can swoop us into a world of unfathomable possibility, yet it can drag nations into brutal conflict. I guess the question is, where do our inspirations lead us?

There have been a handful of people who have really inspired me, and no doubt they all helped me to set up Chasing Zero in 2009,  but there was also a moment in 2011 that gripped me, and still impacts me to this day. It was 1st December 2011, World AIDS Day, and Barak Obama made the declaration that the beginning of the end of AIDS had arrived. End of AIDS? Really? Yes, really. That is not a ‘pie in the sky’ thought. It is possible, achievable, realistic…and could be attained within the next 15 years. That thought inspires me, not because it’s philanthropic, or even heroic. It inspires me because my mind is immediately taken to the families, the mum’s, dad’s, kids, that I’ve met around the world who I’ve seen suffer painfully because of AIDS. It leads my mind to dream of what life could be like for them if we actually did it. It leads me to a place where I want to stay, a place known as hope.

Written by Joel Wallington, CEO, Chasing Zero

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